Forex Flex EA Review 2020 - Is This The Best Forex Robot Right Now?

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Forex Flex Review EA 2020 - watch my honest review. I've owned forex flex for several years and in that time I've tested it extensively.

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There's a lot that I like about this forex robot. But is it the best for forex ea right now? In my opinion, not it isn't. BUT I do think some people will LOVE how many customization options there are with this bot. If you know what you're doing, you could create your own custom bot with this EA. There's also a really good community behind it and their members only forum is active.

The biggest problem I have with this EA is that many of the sets they provide require some manual input from time to time, or just aren't very profitable. For one of my own tests I did of Forex Flex EA, I ran a $1000 demo account from 9th June and as at 27 August it had only made $32 profit. This was using their recommended set.

Because of how many customization options you get with this bot, it's impossible for me to say that it's not profitable, because I'm sure some will be. However, the sets I've tested didn't impress me, and there are better out there that I can simply "set and forget".

I have tried to be completely open and honest in this Forex Flex EA review, and hopefully I was able to provide a balanced summary.

For me, the best forex robot right now is this one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qE5OJNqBBs

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