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Esperanta bot: A bot that profits from disasters - best crypto trading bot 2021

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Esperanta bot: A bot that profits from disasters - best crypto trading bot 2021

00:00 "Esperanta bot": Let's build a tough bot that even profits in May 2021
00:32 What's next in the markets?
00:44 Is there any DCA setup that would have done well during May 2021?
01:57 So what are we going to do in this video?
02:31 Isn't it too late to run an extreme bot now?
03:49 Alerts and patreon articles that we can us to switch ON catastrophe bots
06:09 What to do when bearish signals are sent?
07:08 New more accurate DCA backtester (credit to Gavin from Discord)
07:28 Adding Bollinger bands and Keltner channel strategies
07:52 Keltner channel
08:13 Keltner channel on the BTC daily chart in 2021
08:51 Deal start condition settings
09:21 Timeframe and DCA bot settings
10:19 Let's test May catastrophic dump as our dataset
10:39 USDT pairs on 5mins chart results
12:10 Higher timeframe = more conservative???
14:23 Performance on a sideways market
15:51 BTC pair results
16:09 What makes BTC different than USDT pairs during a correction?
17:23 How far can we increase the risk on BTC pairs?
19:50 Impact of reducing TP levels
20:37 ETH pair results
21:29 Alternative to reducing TP that doesn't sacrifice as much profits
22:52 Adding the last SO: manual vs automated, pros cons
24:04 Running bullish bots in May?!?!?! nop
24:18 Welcome the new bot "Esperanta" to our bot dashboard

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