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BUY BITCOIN NOW!? Is NOW a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin or Crypto? | [Trading Plan Guide]

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This video is for EVERY New Crypto Investor who constantly finds themselves confused about when to buy Bitcoin or Altcoins. Remove the confusion and answer your trading plan questions for stress-free investing with this video.

Please review the previous video on this topic here:

***Important Note: Filters can be applied to the plan to improve the buy zones. Note in August 2019, the buy zones weren't great for the period. However, in hindsight, it was still a good buy compared to our current price of ~$36,000. This may be the case we see now; $36k may be an unfavourable price IF we see sub $30k prices. However, this is all in hindsight and no plan is ever 100% perfect. Please keep this in mind when designing your plan!

Let me know in the comments below what other questions you have regarding understanding when to buy an investment.

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